Rocco Tuccio, Founder of Zippy Robotics, Inc

I have a passion for learning and creating things, I have an obsession with CNC machines, and I enjoy electronic, mechanical, and software design.


In 2014, I left Brookhaven National Laboratory and started Zippy Robotics to follow my passion and obsession. I want to empower people with easy-to-use tools that enable them to shape matter to their will - to literally change their physical world. My first foray into this exciting venture is Prometheus - a PCB milling machine that takes an ordinary copper-clad board and breathes life into it by turning it into a real circuit board. Prometheus makes PCBs in minutes, not days or weeks like a traditional PCB house. My hope is that Prometheus's speed and low cost will enable many hardware engineers to rapidly prototype their designs and get to market faster. Where will we set our sights after Prometheus? You'll have to wait and see!